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November 14, 2023

31-17-2-8.3 Supervised parenting time by noncustodial parent convicted of crime involving domestic or family violence

Sec. 8.3. (a) This section applies if a court finds that a noncustodial parent has been convicted of a crime involving domestic or family violence that was witnessed or heard by the noncustodial parent’s child.

(b) There is created a rebuttable presumption that the court shall order that the noncustodial parent’s parenting time with the child must be supervised:

(1) for at least one (1) year and not more than two (2) years immediately following the crime involving domestic or family violence; or

(2) until the child becomes emancipated;

whichever occurs first.

(c) As a condition of granting the noncustodial parent unsupervised parenting time, the court may require the noncustodial parent to complete a batterer’s intervention program certified by the Indiana coalition against domestic violence.