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November 14, 2023

31-21-6-8 Expedited enforcement of child custody determination

Sec. 8. (a) A petition under this article must be verified. Certified copies of:
(1) the orders sought to be enforced; and
(2) an order confirming registration;
must be attached to the petition. A copy of a certified copy of an order may be attached instead of the original.
(b) A petition for enforcement of a child custody determination must state the following:
(1) Whether the court that issued the determination identified the jurisdictional basis it relied on in exercising jurisdiction and, if so, what the basis was.
(2) Whether the determination for which enforcement is sought has been vacated, stayed, or modified by a court whose decision must be enforced under this article and, if so, identify:
(A) the court;
(B) the case number; and
(C) the nature of the proceeding.
(3) Whether a proceeding has been commenced that may affect the current proceeding, including proceedings relating to:
(A) domestic violence;
(B) protective orders;
(C) termination of parental rights; and
(D) adoptions;
and, if so, identify the court, the case number, and the nature of the proceeding.
(4) The present physical address of the child and the respondent, if known.
(5) Whether relief in addition to the immediate physical custody of the child and attorney’s fees is sought, including a request for assistance from law enforcement officials and, if so, the relief sought.
(6) If the child custody determination has been registered and confirmed under sections 4 and 5 of this chapter, the date and place of registration.