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October 30, 2020

236.16. Department powers and duties.

1. The department shall:

a. Designate and award grants for existing and pilot programs pursuant to this chapter to provide emergency shelter services and support services to victims of domestic abuse.

b. Design and implement a uniform method of collecting data from domestic abuse organizations funded under this chapter.

c. Designate and award moneys for publicizing and staffing a statewide, toll-free telephone hotline for use by victims of domestic abuse. The department may award a grant to a public agency or a private, nonprofit organization for the purpose of operating the hotline. The operation of the hotline shall include informing victims of their rights and of various community services that are available, referring victims to service providers, receiving complaints concerning misconduct by peace officers and encouraging victims to refer such complaints to the office of ombudsman, providing counseling services to victims over the telephone, and providing domestic abuse victim advocacy.

d. Advertise the toll-free telephone hotline through the use of public service announcements, billboards, print and broadcast media services, and other appropriate means, and contact media organizations to encourage the provision of free or inexpensive advertising concerning the hotline and its services.

e. Develop, with the assistance of the entity operating the telephone hotline and other domestic abuse victim services providers, brochures explaining the rights of victims set forth under section 236.12 and the services of the telephone hotline, and distribute the brochures to law enforcement agencies, victim service providers, health practitioners, charitable and religious organizations, and other entities that may have contact with victims of domestic abuse.

2. The department shall consult and cooperate with all public and private agencies which may provide services to victims of domestic abuse, including but not limited to, legal services, social services, prospective employment opportunities, and unemployment benefits.

3. The department may accept, use, and dispose of contributions of money, services, and property made available by an agency or department of the state or federal government, or a private agency or individual.