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October 30, 2020

708.2B. Treatment of domestic abuse offenders.

1. As used in this section, “district department” means a judicial district department of correctional services, established pursuant to section 905.2.

2. A person convicted of, or receiving a deferred judgment for, domestic abuse assault as defined in section 708.2A, shall report to the district department in order to participate in a batterers’ treatment program for domestic abuse offenders. In addition, a person convicted of, or receiving a deferred judgment for, an assault, as defined in section 708.1, which is domestic abuse, as defined in section 236.2, subsection 2, paragraph “e”, may be ordered by the court to participate in a batterers’ treatment program. Participation in the batterers’ treatment program shall not require a person to be placed on probation, but a person on probation may participate in the program.

3. The district departments may contract for services in completing the duties relating to the batterers’ treatment programs. The district departments shall assess the fees for participation in the program, and shall either collect or contract for the collection of the fees to recoup the costs of treatment, but may waive the fee or collect a lesser amount upon a showing of cause. The fees shall be used by each of the district departments or contract service providers for the establishment, administration, coordination, and provision of direct services of the batterers’ treatment programs.4. District departments or contract service providers shall receive upon request peace officers’ investigative reports regarding persons participating in programs under this section. The receipt of reports under this section shall not waive the confidentiality of the reports under section 22.7.