Legal Information: Iowa

Iowa Custody

Laws current as of
October 29, 2021

If I move to a new state, can I transfer my child custody case there?

After a final custody order is issued, there may come a time when you and your children move to a different state. For information about how to request to transfer the custody case to a new state, please go to the Transferring a custody case to a different state section in our general Custody page. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you may likely first need to get permission from the court or from the other parent to move your children out of state. Please talk to a lawyer to make sure your plans to move don’t violate your custody order or your state’s parental kidnapping laws.

Where can I find information about custody in Iowa?

Iowa Legal Aid has a lot of information on their website including the topics of modifying a custody order and joint custody.

Iowa State Bar Association has an overview of different forms of custody, factors considered in a custody determination, paternity, and more.

The Iowa Judicial Branch also has information about divorcechild custodychild supportpaternity, and more.

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