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Laws current as of October 6, 2023

If I have sole or shared parental responsibility, can the other parent see my child's medical and school records?

The law says that both parents have the right to access records and information relating to his/her child, including, but not limited to medical, dental and school records. This includes the right to talk to the child’s doctor or teacher as well as looking at the written records. The only way to keep the other parent from being able to access those records is if the judge specifically denies the parent that right as part of court order, such as in an injunction for protection against domestic violence1 or as part of the parenting plan.

Most records will include your child’s home address and phone number. Therefore, if your child lives with you and you are trying to keep your address confidential from the abuser, or if there is any other reason that you feel that access to those records would put you or your child in danger, be sure to explain this to the judge and ask that the abuser’s rights to access the child’s records be taken away. If the judge agrees to include this in your order, you might want to give a copy of the order to your child’s teachers and doctors so they know not to give the abuser the records. If the judge does not agree to restrict the abuser’s access, you might want to ask the doctors and teachers if you can use a P.O. Box as the mailing address in the records.

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