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Laws current as of
October 6, 2023

Can I get financial support for my child in a custody order (parenting plan)?

A custody (parenting plan) order could contain provisions for child support. In making an award of child support, the court will consider the incomes of the parties and apply the Child Support Guidelines. The expenses of day care and health insurance will be included in the calculation. If a child has special needs, the court may consider increasing the payment based on the child’s needs. Child support can continue up to age 19 if the child is still in high school, and is performing in good faith with a reasonable expectation of graduation before s/he reaches the age of 19.1 If your child is considered a “dependent adult child,” which is defined as an unmarried adult who is incapable of self-support as a result of a physical or mental incapacity that began before the person reached the age of 18, the Guidelines do not apply. The judge will look at the factors explained in section 61.31 of the Florida Statutes.2

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