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Legal Information: Connecticut

State Gun Laws

Laws current as of January 3, 2024

If the abuser's gun is taken away, what will happen to it?

If you get a restraining or protective order against him/her, the abuser has 24 hours after being served with notice of the order to give the firearm and ammunition to a federally-licensed firearms dealer or to the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection or or a local police department.1 Once the restraining order expires, the abuser can request that the Commissioner or local police department return the firearm to him/her (and they will generally be returned within five business days of the request).2 If the abuser transfers them to law enforcement, s/he can later arrange for them to be transferred to another person who can legally have guns and ammunition in his/her possession (such as a friend or relative) to hold while the restraining order is in effect.3

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