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28 de diciembre de 2023

14-08.1-05.1. Past-due support--Plan of payment--Work activities

1. In any case in which an individual owes past-due child support, the court may, by order, require the individual to:

a. Pay past-due support in accordance with a plan approved by the court or the child support agency;

b. If the individual is subject to such a plan and is not incapacitated, to participate in such work activities as the court deems appropriate; and

c. Participate in treatment for mental illness or drug or alcohol dependency.

2. For purposes of this section, “work activities” may include:

a. Unsubsidized employment;

b. Subsidized private sector employment;

c. Subsidized public sector employment;

d. Work experience, including work associated with the refurbishing of publicly assisted housing, if sufficient private sector employment is not available;

e. On-the-job training;

f. Job search and job readiness assistance;

g. Community service programs;

h. Career and technical education training, not to exceed twelve months with respect to any individual;

i. Job skills training directly related to employment;

j. Education directly related to employment, in the case of an individual who has not received a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency;

k. Satisfactory attendance at secondary school or in a course of study leading to a certificate of general equivalence, in the case of an individual who has not completed secondary school or received such a certificate;

l. The provision of child care services to an individual who is participating in a community service program; and

m. Postsecondary education and any other activity permitted or required to be treated by the federal government as work for purposes of calculating a work participation rate.