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Estatutos Seleccionados: Mississippi

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10 de diciembre de 2020

93-21-28. Request for local law enforcement assistance

(1) A person who alleges that he or she or a minor child has been the victim of domestic violence may request the assistance of a local law enforcement agency. The local law enforcement agency shall respond to the request for assistance. The local law enforcement officer responding to the request for assistance shall take whatever steps are reasonably necessary to protect the complainant from harm and shall advise the complainant of sources of shelter, medical care, counseling and other services. Upon request by the complainant and where feasible, the law enforcement officer shall transport the complainant to appropriate facilities such as hospitals or public or private facilities for shelter and accompany the complainant to his or her residence, within the jurisdiction in which the request for assistance was made, so that the complainant may remove food, clothing, medication and such other personal property as is reasonably necessary to enable the complainant and any minor children who are presently in the care of the complainant to remain elsewhere pending further proceedings.

(2) In providing the assistance authorized by subsection (1), no officer may be held criminally or civilly liable on account of reasonable measures taken under authority of subsection (1).

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