Legal Information: Wyoming


December 23, 2016

How will a judge make a decision about custody?

When deciding who will have custody, the judge will try to make an arrangement that s/he thinks is in the best interest of your child.*  Some of the factors that the judge will consider are:

  • the quality of the relationship each child has with each parent;
  • each parent's ability to provide proper care for the child, including arranging for childcare if needed;
  • how "fit" and "competent" the judge thinks each parent is;
  • how willing each parent is to accept all of the responsibilities of parenting, including:
    • caring for your child at certain specified times; and
    • letting the other parent care for your child at other specified times;
  • how the parents and each child can best maintain and improve a relationship with each other;
  • how the parents and each child interact and communicate with each other and how this can be improved;
  • how willing each parent is to allow the other parent to provide care without interference and to respect the other parent's rights and responsibilities, including the right to privacy;
  • the distance between the parents' homes;
  • the current physical and mental ability of each parent to care for each child;*
  • any domestic violence or child abuse committed by the other parent;** and
  • anything else the judge believes affects your child's best interest.*

* Wyoming Statutes § 20-2-201(a)
** Wyoming Statutes § 20-2-201(c)