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December 8, 2020

16-3-1740. Mental health evaluations of persons convicted of stalking or harassment; notice to victim in person of unsupervised release.

(A) Before sentencing a person convicted of stalking or harassment in the first or second degree, the court may require the person to undergo a mental health evaluation. If the court determines from the results of the evaluation that the person needs mental health treatment or counseling, the court shall require him to undergo mental health treatment or counseling by a court-approved mental health professional, mental health facility, or facility operated by the State Department of Mental Health as a part of his sentence.

(B) When the court orders a mental health evaluation, the evaluation may not take place until the facility conducting the evaluation has received all of the documentation including, but not limited to, warrants, incident reports, and NCIC reports associated with the charges.

(C) If the evaluation results in the unsupervised release of the person, the victim must be notified prior to the person’s release. All reasonable efforts must be made to notify the victim personally to assure the notice is received.