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December 8, 2020

16-1-20. Penalties for classes of felonies.

(A) A person convicted of classified offenses, must be imprisoned as follows:

(1) for a Class A felony, not more than thirty years;

(2) for a Class B felony, not more than twenty-five years;

(3) for a Class C felony, not more than twenty years;

(4) for a Class D felony, not more than fifteen years;

(5) for a Class E felony, not more than ten years;

(6) for a Class F felony, not more than five years;

(7) for a Class A misdemeanor, not more than three years;

(8) for a Class B misdemeanor, not more than two years;

(9) for a Class C misdemeanor, not more than one year.

(B) For all offenders sentenced on or after July 1, 1993, the minimum term of imprisonment required by law does not apply to the offenses listed in Sections 16-1-90 and 16-1-100 unless the offense refers to a mandatory minimum sentence or the offense prohibits suspension of any part of the sentence. Offenses listed in Section 16-1-10(C) and (D) are exempt and minimum terms of imprisonment are applicable. No sentence of imprisonment precludes the timely execution of a death sentence.

(C) This chapter does not apply to the minimum sentences established for fines or community service.