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Legal Information: Pennsylvania


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Laws current as of
December 15, 2023

I have a custody order. Can I move with my child?

If your move will significantly harm (impair) the other parent’s ability to use (exercise) his/her custody rights with your child, this is considered a “relocation,” and you can only move if:

  • everyone with custody rights to your child agrees; or
  • the judge approves your relocation.1

If you are planning a “relocation,” you must follow the rules listed in How do I tell the other parent that I want to move?

Unlike some other states, Pennsylvania’s relocation law does not say it only applies to someone moving out of the state or a certain distance away.2 So, we recommend that you consult with a Pennsylvania custody lawyer to check if your planned move would be considered a “relocation,” which requires you to follow these rules. To find lawyers in your area, go to PA Finding a Lawyer.

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