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Legal Information: Oregon


Laws current as of
December 5, 2023

What are the grounds for divorce in Oregon?

The most common ground (reason) for divorce in Oregon is the no-fault ground called “irreconcilable differences,” which basically means that there are issues in the marriage that cannot be resolved.1 A divorce (or an annulment) can also be based on one of the following fault-based grounds:

  1. either party to the marriage was incapable of consenting to the marriage because s/he was not of a legal age or didn’t have “sufficient understanding”; or
  2. the consent of either party was obtained by force or fraud.2

However, you lose the right to get a divorce or annulment based on one of these two grounds if certain actions were taken after the marriage. For more information, please talk to a lawyer who specializes in divorce. You can find legal referrals on our Oregon Finding a Lawyer page.

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