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Legal Information: Ohio

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of July 12, 2023

What types of stalking or sexually oriented offense protection orders are there and how long does one last?

A stalking or sexually oriented offense protection order (“SSOOPO”) is designed to protect you, your family and household members from someone who has stalked you or committed sexually oriented offense against you.1 Like domestic violence protective orders, there are temporary and final SSOOPOs.

A temporary order may be granted by a judge if s/he believes that it is necessary for your safety and protection or that you are in immediate and present danger. The temporary order lasts for ten days or until the full court hearing.2

A final SSOOPO can be granted only after a full court hearing where the victim and abuser both get a chance to present evidence, witnesses and testimony. If granted, a final order may last for up to five years and may be renewed after that time for up to an additional five years.3

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