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July 12, 2023

Can I get a protection order if I'm a minor? What if the abuser is a minor?

A minor can get a stalking or sexually oriented offense protection order against an adult who committed a sexually oriented offense or stalking. The petition is filed in the court of common pleas (in the general division) in the county in which the minor lives. However, the person who files for the order would be the minor’s parent or adult household member or another adult who is not related to the minor, known as a “next friend.”1

If a minor needs protection against a minor, someone who is under 18, a petition can be filed for a juvenile civil protection order (JCPO) in the juvenile court. A JCPO is not the same as an SSOOPO but can provide similar protections.2

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2 Ohio Rev. Code § 2151.34(2)(a); see the Juvenile Civil Protection Order FAQ from the Supreme Court of Ohio’s website

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