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Legal Information: North Carolina

State Gun Laws

October 13, 2020

What will happen to the abuser's gun when my DVPO expires?

Once your DVPO expires (including any extensions/renewals), the abuser will have 90 days to make a request to the court that his/her gun(s) be returned.  A court hearing will be held.  You will have the opportunity to be present and heard at this hearing.  The guns should not be returned to the abuser if:

  • s/he is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm under any other state or federal laws; or
  • s/he has any pending criminal charges against him/her for a crime that was committed against you.  In that case, the guns will not be returned until that criminal court case is decided and then the decision will be made.1

To find out more about how to renew your DVPO before it expires, go to How do I extend my order?

1 NCGS § 50B-3.1(f)