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Legal Information: Maryland


November 27, 2023

I am the child's grandparent. Can I get visitation?

Grandparents may be able to ask a judge for “reasonable visitation.”  If the judge believes it is in the child’s best interest, s/he may grant visitation rights.1  However, if the child’s parent doesn’t want the grandparent to get visitation, the grandparent may have to prove that the parent(s) denying him/her the visitation is unfit or that the child will be harmed in some way if the visitation is denied in order to get visitation.2

The People’s Law Library of Maryland website has additional information on grandparent visitation that you can read here.  For specific advice, please talk to a lawyer. Go to our MD Finding a Lawyer page for legal referrals.
1 Md. Code, Fam. Law § 9-102
2Koshko v. Haining, 398 Md. 404, 921 A.2d 171 (Ct. of Appeals 2007)