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Legal Information: Massachusetts

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of December 14, 2023

How do I get an extreme risk protection order?

The steps to get an extreme risk protective order are similar to the steps to get a domestic violence restraining order, but you will fill out different forms.

Your petition should include:

  • the facts that you believe support your request for an extreme risk protection order;
  • the reason you think the respondent is at risk of causing bodily injury to himself/herself or others by having a firearm;
  • the number, types, and locations of any firearms, rifles, guns, weapons, and ammunition you believe are in the respondent’s current control, ownership, or possession;
  • whether there is an abuse prevention order, a harassment prevention order, or any similar type of order in another state that is in effect against the respondent; and
  • whether there is a pending lawsuit, complaint, petition, or other legal action between you and the respondent.1

1 MA ST 140 § 131R(b)