: Kentucky

Housing Laws

20 de abril de 2022

Once I notify my landlord that I want to end my lease, do I still have to pay rent?

You are responsible for any rent due under your lease up until the date your lease is terminated and it must be paid on the normal date that your rent is due. If that termination date is not at the end of your normal rental period, the amount due for that month may be pro-rated. Your landlord cannot give you a negative credit entry or negative character reference or charge you any additional rent or fees because you terminated your lease early.

Note: If you sign a lease and then give proper notice to terminate your lease under this law before you move in, you cannot be required to pay damages or penalties as long as you terminate your lease at least 14 days before the date you were supposed to move in.1

1 K.R.S. § 383.300

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