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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Guam

Estatutos Seleccionados: Guam

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10 de diciembre de 2020

161.55. Violent Crimes

(a) The crimes to which this Chapter applies are the following:

(1) Aggravated Murder (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 16.30);

(2) Murder (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 16.40);

(3) Manslaughter (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 16.50);

(4) Aggravated Assault (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 19.20);

(5) Assault (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 19.30);

(6) Kidnapping (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 22.20);

(7) Felonious Restraints (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 22.20);

(8) Child Stealing (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 22.40);

(9) Custodial Interference (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 22.50);

(10) Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 25.15);

(11) Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 25.20);

(12) Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 25.25);

(13) Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Fourth Degree (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 25.30);

(14) Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 25.35);

(15) Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and Controlled Substances (Title 16, Guam Code Annotated, § 18102);

(16) Conviction Involving a Child (Title 16, Guam Code Annotated, § 18109), provided a child under the age of sixteen (16) was injured as a result of an accident in which the vehicle operated by the person charged with the above violation was involved;

(17) Vehicular Negligence with Injury to a Person Other than the Driver (Title 16, Guam Code Annotated, § 18110);

(18) Vehicular Homicide (Title 16, Guam Code Annotated, § 18111);

(19) Drinking While Driving a Motor Vehicle upon any Highway (Title 16, Guam Code Annotated, § 18119), provided a person other than the driver was injured as a result of such drinking and driving;

(20) Stalking (Criminal and Correctional Code, § 19.70); and

(21) Family Violence (Third Degree Felony and Misdemeanor) and Violation of a Court Order (Misdemeanor) (Criminal and Correctional Code, Chapter 30).

(b) For the purpose of this Chapter, the operation of a motor vehicle, boat or aircraft that results in an injury or death shall not constitute a crime, unless the injuries were intentionally inflicted through the use of such vehicle, boat or aircraft or unless the conduct constitutes a violation of Title 16, Guam Code Annotated, § 18101, et seq. (The Safe Streets Act).

(c) Any fine imposed pursuant to Section 80.50 of this Title for conviction of any crimes specified in Subsections (a) (1) through (14) and (20) and (21) of this Section shall be paid into the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund established by Section 161.90 of this Chapter.