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Información Legal: Luisiana

Estatutos Seleccionados: Louisiana

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8 de julio de 2021

§ 327. Determination of domestic abuse for spousal support

A. In awarding final spousal support pursuant to Civil Code Article 112(B), the court shall consider any criminal conviction of the obligor spouse for an offense committed against the claimant spouse during the course of the marriage.

B. In the absence of a criminal conviction, the court may order an evaluation of both parties that may be used to assist the court in determining the existence and nature of the alleged domestic abuse. The evaluation shall be conducted by an independent court-appointed mental health professional who is an expert in the field of domestic abuse. The mental health professional shall have no family, financial, or prior medical relationship with either party or their attorneys of record. The mental health professional shall provide the court and the parties with a written report of his findings.