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Safety While Using Social Media

May 2, 2016

Can I get an order of protection against someone who is stalking or harassing me on Facebook?

Depending on your state, harassment or stalking might qualify you for a restraining order.  Go to our Restraining Orders page and click on your state in the drop-down menu to find out.  Printing out the harassing comments can be useful in a restraining order hearing.

Also, depending on your state’s criminal laws and what type of harassing or threatening messages are sent to you or written about you, you may be able to report it to the police and the person may be arrested.  To do so, it may also be necessary to save and/or print out the harassing comments so that they are preserved for any possible future prosecution.  For the legal definition of stalking and harassment in your state, go to the Crimes page in your state.

To get specific advice on whether or not your situation might qualify you for a restraining order or qualify as stalking or harassment in your state, you can go to the Finding a Lawyer page in your state. 

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