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December 11, 2017

How is cyber-surveillance used?

Cyber-surveillance can be used in a variety of helpful ways, and you may choose to use cyber-surveillance to monitor and control your own property or add certain conveniences to your life. Some examples of connected devices that allow you to use cyber-surveillance include:

  • thermostats;
  • smart electrical outlets (with lights or other devices plugged into them);
  • entertainment systems (stereo, TV, etc.);
  • security cameras and motion detectors;
  • smoke detectors;
  • video doorbells;
  • smart locks;
  • appliances (refrigerator, vacuum, etc.);
  • nanny cameras;
  • pet feeders, pet cameras, pet toys and trackers (GPS systems that allow you to know where your pets are);
  • children’s toys and trackers.

These types of devices may be connected to the Internet or a data network so that you control them remotely through apps or they may be programmed to turn on and off at certain pre-set times. Other devices may be voice-controlled and complete certain activities on command.

You are using cyber-surveillance technology (in a way that may be helpful, make you feel safer, or for your own benefit) when you do things like:

  • control devices in your home remotely (such as the television, air conditioning, heating system, or the alarm system);
  • install a security camera feature at your home that you can monitor remotely (i.e., using the Internet to observe your own property);
  • use devices that allow you to control your car’s GPS device, locking mechanism, sound system, or allow you to start your car remotely; or
  • use fitness watches to connect to a network to monitor your own movement and goals.