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Updated: July 12, 2024

What are some pros and cons of a remote hearing?

Many courts use virtual platforms like Zoom or WebEx to hold court hearings remotely. Remote hearings can have some advantages, like not having to find childcare or pay for transportation and parking, and not needing to take as much time off from work as you would if you had to travel to court. Some people also find it less scary to testify when they aren’t in the same physical space as the abuser.

However, presenting evidence might be more difficult with remote hearings since it may require you to send evidence electronically ahead of the hearing. If your hearing is going to be virtual, make sure you find out from the court:

  • what technology or platform the court uses;
  • how you will join the hearing; and
  • what to do/who you should contact if you have any technical difficulties during the hearing.

If you prefer an in-person hearing, you could ask the court whether you have the option to choose between a virtual or in-person hearing.

You can read more information about virtual hearings in our Quick Guide and the Virtual Hearings section of our Preparing for Court – By Yourself section.