Legal Information: Tennessee

State Gun Laws

May 18, 2022

If the abuser's gun(s) is taken away, what will happen to it?

If you have a final protection order against the abuser, the judge can direct the abuser to get rid of all firearms in his/her possession within 48 hours of when the order is issued. The abuser can give them to a third party who is not prohibited from possessing firearms, sell them, or get rid of them in any other legal way. In addition, the order of protection will include language warning the abuser that s/he is prohibited from possessing firearms while the protection order is in effect.1

If a police officer believes that a crime of domestic violence has taken place, the officer can take all weapons, including guns, that the abuser used or threatened to use against you. The officer may also take any weapons that are in plain view at the scene of the crime.2 The weapons will be returned to the abuser if the police find that no crime has been committed.

1 TN ST § 36-3-625(a)(2), (b)(1)
2 TN ST § 36-3-620(a)(1)

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