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§ 53a-62. Threatening in the second degree: Class A misdemeanor

(a) A person is guilty of threatening in the second degree when: (1) By physical threat, such person intentionally places or attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury, (2) (A) such person threatens to commit any crime of violence with the intent to terrorize another person, or (B) such person threatens to commit such crime of violence in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror, or (3) violates subdivision (1) or (2) of this subsection and the person threatened is in a building or on the grounds of a public or nonpublic preschool, school or institution of higher education during preschool, school or instructional hours or when a building or the grounds of such preschool, school or institution are being used for preschool, school or institution-sponsored activities.

(b) Threatening in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor, except that a violation of subdivision (3) of subsection (a) of this section is a class D felony.