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October 1, 2020

25-10-3 Petition for protection order -- Parties -- Allegations -- Affidavit -- Pending action -- Standard petition form

There exists an action known as a petition for a protection order in cases of domestic abuse. Procedures for the action are as follows:

(1) A petition under this section may be made by any person in a relationship described in § 25-10-3.1 against any other person in such a relationship;

(2) A petition shall allege the existence of domestic abuse and shall be accompanied by an affidavit made under oath stating the specific facts and circumstances of the domestic abuse; and

(3) A petition for relief may be made whether or not there is a pending lawsuit, complaint, petition, or other action between the parties. However, if there is any other lawsuit, complaint, petition, or other action pending between the parties, any new petition made pursuant to this section shall be made to the judge previously assigned to the pending lawsuit, petition, or other action, unless good cause is shown for the assignment of a different judge.

The clerk of the circuit court shall make available standard petition forms with instructions for completion to be used by a petitioner.