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May 14, 2019

21-65-2. Petition for relief from vulnerable adult abuse--Affidavit--Contents

A vulnerable adult or a substitute petitioner may seek relief from vulnerable adult abuse by filing a petition and affidavit in the circuit court or in a magistrate court with a magistrate judge presiding. Venue is where either party resides. The petition and affidavit shall include all of the following:

(1) The name of the vulnerable adult and the name and address of the vulnerable adult’s attorney, if any. If the vulnerable adult is proceeding pro se, the petition shall include a mailing address for the vulnerable adult;

(2) The name of the substitute petitioner if the petition is being filed on behalf of a vulnerable adult, and the name and address of the attorney of the substitute petitioner. If the substitute petitioner is proceeding pro se, the petition shall include a mailing address for the substitute petitioner;

(3) The name and address, if known, of the respondent;

(4) The relationship of the vulnerable adult to the respondent;

(5) The nature of the alleged vulnerable adult abuse, including specific facts and circumstances of the abuse;

(6) The name and age of any other individual whose welfare may be affected; and

(7) The desired relief, including a request for temporary or emergency orders. A petition for relief may be made whether or not there is a pending lawsuit, complaint, petition, or other action between the parties. However, if there is any other lawsuit, complaint, petition, or other action pending between the parties, any new petition made pursuant to this section shall be made to the judge previously assigned to the pending lawsuit, petition, or other action, unless good cause is shown for the assignment of a different judge.

If a petition for a protection order alleging the existence of vulnerable adult abuse is filed with the court pursuant to this section and if the court, upon an initial review, determines that the allegations do not support the existence of vulnerable adult abuse, but that the allegations do support the existence of stalking or physical injury pursuant to § 22-19A-8 or domestic abuse pursuant to § 25-10-3, the court may hear and act upon the petition as though the petition had been filed under § 22-19A-8 or § 25-10-3 and subject to the provisions of the respective chapters.