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Legal Information: Pennsylvania

State Gun Laws

December 15, 2023

The abuser uses a gun for his/her job. Can the judge still take away his/her guns in my PFA order?

Under Pennsylvania state law, if the abuser is a licensed firearms dealer, the judge may order him/her to give up any federal or state license for the sale, manufacture or importation of firearms as well as all firearms in the business inventory. However, the judge has to make a reasonable effort to help the abuser keep his/her business as a means of financial security while still doing what is needed to protect you.1

However, there are federal gun laws that make it illegal for anyone convicted of a felony or a domestic violence misdemeanor to buy or have a gun, even if s/he is a police officer or a military employee. To read more, go to our Federal Gun Laws page.

If you are confused or not sure whether the abuser can still use his/her gun for work purposes, you can talk to a domestic violence advocate in your area or call the National Center on Protection Order and Full Faith & Credit to find out more information: 1-800-903-0111, ext. 2.

To find a domestic violence advocate in your area, please go to our PA Advocates and Shelters page.

1 23 Pa.C.S.A. § 6108(a)(7.1)