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March 22, 2022

Can I get alimony (financial support) from my spouse as part of a divorce?

If you are in the process of getting a divorce, a judge may order your spouse to provide you with financial support, also known as alimony. A judge can issue a temporary order while the divorce is going on and a final order will last for a certain period of time once the divorce ends.1

Some of the factors that a judge will consider when deciding whether to give you alimony are each spouse’s financial position, income, age, health, earning capacity, your contribution as a homemaker (if applicable), your career before the marriage, the standard of living during the marriage, and how long the marriage lasted.2

The judge can also grant you alimony for the purpose of getting job training or education towards a career, especially if your spouse improved his/her education or career during the marriage and if you financially supported him/her during that time.3

If the paying spouse’s income changes by 20 percent or more, this could be a reason that the alimony amount may be modified (changed).4

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