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August 6, 2021

9:2-1. Custody of children of parents divorced in another state or country; action in Superior Court; notice to persons interested; judgment; exclusion from hearing; records not open to public inspection

After a divorce adjudged in any other State or country, if minor children of the marriage are inhabitants of this State, the Superior Court, in an action brought by either parent or by a guardian ad litem in behalf of the children, such notice being given to parents as the court shall direct, may make such judgment concerning their care, custody, education and maintenance as if the divorce had been obtained in this State. If the minor child or minor children have not, at the commencement of the action, reached the age of sixteen years, and if it is represented to the court by affidavit or under oath that evidence will be adduced involving the moral turpitude of either parent, or of such minor child or children, or that evidence will be adduced which may reflect upon the good reputation or social standing of the child or children, then the court shall admit to the hearing of such case only such persons as are directly interested in the matter being then heard. The records of such proceedings, including all papers filed with the court, shall be withheld from indiscriminate public inspection, but shall be open to inspection by the parents, or their attorneys, and to no other person or persons except by order of the court made for that purpose.