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August 6, 2021

2C:14-17. Scope of temporary or final protective order; enforcement; contempt

a. Any temporary or final protective order issued pursuant to P.L.2015, c. 147 (C.2C:14-13 et al.) shall be in effect throughout the State, and shall be enforced by all law enforcement officers.

b. When a law enforcement officer finds probable cause that a respondent has committed contempt of an order entered pursuant to P.L.2015, c. 147 (C.2C:14-13 et al.), the respondent shall be arrested and taken into custody. The court shall determine whether the respondent shall be released pending trial or detained pending a pretrial detention hearing pursuant to sections 4 and 5 of P.L.2014, c. 31 (C.2A:162-18 and C.2A:162-19) and applicable court rules.