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Legal Information: New Hampshire


Laws current as of August 10, 2023

If I get alimony, how long will it last?

The maximum amount of time for which you can get term alimony is 50 percent of the length of the marriage. So, for example, if you are married for 20 years, you can expect to get alimony for 10 years. However, this can change if:

  • you and your spouse agree to a shorter or longer period of time; or
  • the judge believes that fairness (justice) requires an adjustment to the length of time.1 To understand what factors a judge will consider when deciding whether the length of time should be adjusted, go to How will a judge decide alimony?

Term alimony will end before the time described above, however, if you (the person getting alimony) remarry before the alimony payments are set to end.1

The maximum amount of time for which you can get reimbursement alimony is five years from the date that the final divorce decree becomes effective, unless the parties agree otherwise. This time period cannot be changed (modified) unless both parties agree.2

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