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Legal Information: North Dakota

Child Support

Laws current as of
December 28, 2023

How much child support can I get?

When deciding how much child support to award, the judge starts with what is called a guideline amount. This is an amount the judge gets off of a chart that sets how much a parent has to pay based on that parent’s gross income and how many children the parent has to support, among other factors. The judge assumes that the guideline amount is appropriate but each parent can argue that the amount should be more or less and the judge will consider the best interests of the child when making the final decision. The order will likely also include a separate amount of child support for health insurance coverage and other medical support.1

To see the child support guidelines chart, you can go to the state government’s child support website. The state government website also has a child support calculator so you can see a rough estimate of how much support may need to be paid.

For help establishing paternity or applying for child support, you can go to the North Dakota Child Support website.

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