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December 7, 2020

600.2950i. Foreign protection order; validity; affirmative defenses

(1) A foreign protection order is valid if all of the following conditions are met:

(a) The issuing court had jurisdiction over the parties and subject matter under the laws of the issuing state, tribe, or territory.

(b) Reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard is given to the respondent sufficient to protect the respondent’s right to due process. In the case of ex parte orders, notice and opportunity to be heard must be provided to the respondent within the time required by state or tribal law, and in any event within a reasonable time after the order is issued, sufficient to protect the respondent’s due process rights.

(2) All of the following may be affirmative defenses to any charge or process filed seeking enforcement of a foreign protection order:

(a) Lack of jurisdiction by the issuing court over the parties or subject matter.

(b) Failure to provide notice and opportunity to be heard.

(c) Lack of filing of a complaint, petition, or motion by or on behalf of a person seeking protection in a civil foreign protection order.