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December 11, 2019

600.2950h. “Foreign protection order”; “LEIN”; “NCIC protection order file”

As used in this section and sections 2950i, 2950j, 2950k, 2950l, and 2950m:

(a) “Foreign protection order” means an injunction or other order issued by a court of another state, Indian tribe, or United States territory for the purpose of preventing a person’s violent or threatening acts against, harassment of, contact with, communication with, or physical proximity to another person. Foreign protection order includes temporary and final orders issued by civil and criminal courts (other than a support or child custody order issued pursuant to state divorce and child custody laws, except to the extent that such an order is entitled to full faith and credit under other federal law), whether obtained by filing an independent action or by joining a claim to an action, if a civil order was issued in response to a complaint, petition, or motion filed by or on behalf of a person seeking protection.

(b) “LEIN” means the law enforcement information network regulated under the L.E.I.N. policy council act of 1974, 1974 PA 163, MCL 28.211 to 28.216.

(c) “NCIC protection order file” means the national crime information center protection order file maintained by the United States department of justice, federal bureau of investigation.