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Legal Information: Michigan

State Gun Laws

March 27, 2024

I have a PPO against the abuser. Can s/he keep a gun or buy a new gun?

Michigan state law does not automatically make it illegal for a person to have a gun if there is a personal protection order issued against him/her. A judge does have the option of including a firearm restriction in a personal protection order. If there is a firearm restriction included in a protection order, then the respondent in that order cannot have a gun during the period of time that the order is in effect.1

A person who has a domestic relationship personal protection order (PPO) or a non-domestic stalking personal protection order (PPO) issued against him/her is not eligible to get a concealed handgun permit in Michigan. Note: Someone who has an extreme risk protection order issued against him/her is also ineligible.2

Also, federal laws, which apply to all states, restrict a person’s right to have a gun under certain circumstances. Go to Federal Gun Laws to get more information.

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