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December 28, 2022

If the judge orders supervised visits by a family member, what can I expect?

If the judge allows a family or household member to supervise the visits between your child and the parent who has been abusive (or is a convicted child-related sex offender), the judge has to set conditions that must be followed during the visits. For example, the judge can:

  1. limit circumstances when the family of the abusive parent would be supervising visits;
  2. make sure that it does not damage the relationship between the child and the non-abusive parent;
  3. ensure the safety and well-being of the child; and
  4. require that supervision is provided by a person who is physically and mentally capable of supervising a visit and who does not have a criminal history or history of abuse or neglect.1

1 M.R.S. 19-A § 1653(6)(F), (6-A)(C)

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