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Legal Information: Indiana

State Gun Laws

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Laws current as of November 14, 2023

What is the definition of a felony?

A felony is a more serious crime than a misdemeanor. Throughout these gun law pages, we will refer to laws that make it illegal for someone convicted of a “serious violent felony” to have a gun. Under Indiana law, a serious violent felony means:

  • murder;
  • attempted murder;
  • voluntary manslaughter;
  • reckless homicide not committed by means of a vehicle;
  • battery;
  • domestic battery;
  • aggravated battery;
  • strangulation;
  • kidnapping;
  • criminal confinement;
  • a human or sexual trafficking offense;
  • rape;
  • criminal deviate conduct;
  • child molesting;
  • sexual battery;
  • robbery;
  • carjacking;
  • arson;
  • burglary;
  • assisting a criminal;
  • resisting law enforcement;
  • escape;
  • trafficking with an inmate;
  • criminal organization intimidation;
  • stalking;
  • incest;
  • dealing in or manufacturing cocaine or a narcotic drug;
  • dealing in methamphetamine or manufacturing methamphetamine; or
  • dealing in a schedule I, II, III, IV, or V controlled substance.1

If you are unsure if the abuser was convicted of a serious violent felony, you might want to talk to the prosecutor who handled the criminal case against the abuser to find out or go to the courthouse and search the conviction records.

1 IC § 35-47-4-5(b)