Legal Information: Hawaii

Hawaii Court Forms

Hawaii issues protective and restraining orders through both the District Court and Family Court. 

You will need to file through District Court if the abuser is not related to you and you have never lived together.  You can download the District Court Proctive Order form or request the paperwork from the clerk when you arrive at the courthouse.  To find the District Court near you please see our Hawaii Courthouses page.

You will need to file through Family Court if the abuser is a family member, or someone you have or had a dating relationship with.  You will need to go to the courthouse and ask the clerk for the necessary forms.  You can also contact the nearest PACT office and they may be able to assist you with filing the paperwork.

Other local domestic violence organizations may also be able to provide you with the necessary forms or help you through the process. Go to HI Advocates and Shelters to find an organization in your area.