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October 31, 2023

19-13-52. Georgia Protective Order Registry; creation, purpose, maintenance, contents, access, links

(a) The Georgia Protective Order Registry shall be created to serve as a state-wide, centralized data base for the collection of protective orders. The registry is intended to enhance victim safety by providing law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and the courts access to protective orders issued by the courts of this state and foreign courts 24 hours of the day and seven days of the week. Access to the registry is intended to aid law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and the courts in the enforcement of protective orders and the protection to victims.

(b) The registry shall be maintained by the Georgia Crime Information Center. The Georgia Commission on Family Violence may consult with the Georgia Crime Information Center regarding the effectiveness of the registry in enhancing the safety of victims.

(c) The registry shall include a complete and systematic record and index of all protective orders and modifications thereof. Law enforcement officers and the courts shall have access to the registry.

(d) The registry shall be linked to the National Crime Information Center Network, and protective orders or modifications thereof entered in the registry shall be immediately transmitted to such network.