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Georgia Crimes

Laws current as of
November 3, 2021


Even if you do not qualify for a family violence protective order or a stalking protective order, the abuser may have committed a crime. If you call the police, they may arrest him/her for a crime and you may get a restraining order through the criminal court. Remember that even if you do have a protective order, you can still report him/her to the police if you believe s/he committed a crime against you.

In our Abuse Using Technology section, you can learn the types of behaviors that are considered a misuse of technology. Some of these behaviors might be recognized as a crime depending on the specific laws of your state.

What are some crimes that the abuser may have committed in Georgia?
If I am the victim of a crime, where can I get additional help in Georgia?

What are some crimes that the abuser may have committed?

Here is a list of some possible crimes in Georgia that the abuser may have committed. You can click on the links to read the legal definition of the crime in our Statutes page:

If I am the victim of a crime, where can I get additional help in Georgia?

The Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council assists eligible victims of crimes with victim compensation, which includes medical, funeral, crime scene clean-up, and mental health counseling expenses. In addition, if applicable, victims may also apply for lost wages or loss of support benefits. Here is a link to submit an application for financial assistance.

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles offers victim services including a service called V.I.P., which is a 24-hour automated information system used by the Georgia Department of Corrections in partnership with the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to provide victims of crime and/or their families with access to information about their offender by dialing the toll-free V.I.P. number - (800) 593-9474 to get information regarding the custody status of an inmate.

You may learn more about crimes by calling your local police department, sheriff’s department, or district attorney’s office. See our GA Sheriff Departments page for the contact information for your local sheriff’s department.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and have been charged with a crime, you can go to our Abuse Victims Charged with Crimes page.

Other organizations for victims of crime are listed on our National Organizations - Crime Victims page.

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