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Legal Information: Georgia


October 29, 2019

Where can I find more information about custody in Georgia?

Georgia Legal Aid has compiled the following self-help manuals, brochures, and other information on their website. You can access them here:

  • About Child Custody in Georgia (Audio/Podcast)
  • General information about child custody in Georgia.
  • Child Custody in Georgia
  • Parental Kidnapping
  • Child Custody and Visitation (Answers to Common Questions)
  • Learn about Parents’ Rights
  • Modification of a Court Order in a Family Law Case
  • Paternity - Establishing Fathers’ Responsibilities
  • Child Deprivation, Domestic Violence and Visitation
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • The Role of Guardians Ad Litem in Domestic Violence and Child Custody Matters
  • The Georgia Child Support Law.

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