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Legal Information: Florida

State Gun Laws

Laws current as of October 6, 2023

I have a final injunction against the abuser. Can s/he keep a gun or buy a new gun?

It is illegal for the abuser to have a gun if you have a final injunction for protection against domestic violence or against stalking/cyberstalking against him/her, except if the abuser is a law enforcement officer, correctional officer or correctional probation officer and has to use a gun in performing official duties.1 In addition, someone who has an injunction against him/her for committing acts of domestic violence or acts of repeat violence cannot get a license to carry a concealed weapon.2 

These bans are only valid for the time that your injunction for protection is in effect. 

Federal laws, which apply to all states, also restrict an abuser’s right to have a gun if you have a restraining order against him that meets certain requirements. Go to Federal Gun Laws to get more information.

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