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Legal Information: Connecticut


January 3, 2024

What are the residency requirements to file for divorce in Connecticut?

A divorce complaint (petition) can be filed in Connecticut at any time after either spouse establishes residency in Connecticut.1 However, a divorce can only be granted if one of the following are true:

  1. Either spouse has had residency in Connecticut for at least 12 months before:
    • the divorce was filed; or
    • the date of the divorce decree; (In other words, you can file for the divorce before 12 months of residency but the judge will not grant the final divorce until the 12 months of residency are completed);
  2. Either spouse was domiciled in Connecticut at the time of the marriage and returned to Connecticut with the intent to live there permanently before filing for divorce2 (Note: “Domicile” requires actual residence plus the intention of permanently remaining in the state);3 or
  3. The reason you are seeking a divorce (the grounds) happened after you or your spouse moved into Connecticut.2 (Note: Although the law doesn’t mention anything about 12 months of residency here, the majority of judges will still require completion of 12 months’ residency before granting the divorce).

A member of the armed forces will be considered a resident of Connecticut for the length of his/her service if s/he was a resident of Connecticut before entering into the military.4

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