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Legal Information: Colorado

State Gun Laws

October 13, 2023

If the abuser's gun is taken away, what will happen to it?

If there is a provision in your protection order that says that the abuser has to surrender his/her guns, the guns could be kept by the sheriff department in his/her county, or in some cases, law enforcement will allow the abuser to leave the guns with a friend or relative while the protection order is in effect. If the abuser’s gun is taken by the police because it was used in a crime, it will be sold or destroyed.1

If you are not sure where the abuser’s gun is and you think that the abuser could have access to it, it is a good idea to consider making a safety plan. See our Safety Planning page to learn more about how to increase your safety. You can also contact a local domestic violence organization for additional help. Visit our CO Advocates and Shelters page to find a local domestic violence organization near you.

1 Colo. Rev. Stat. § 16-13-311