Legal Information: California

California Court Forms

You will find court forms for restraining orders, custody, and many other topics at the CA Courts website. Forms are provided as Adobe Acrobat documents (PDF) that you can print on any computer for which an Adobe Acrobat Reader is available. The website also gives you the option to fill out the forms on-line and then print them out.

You will also find court forms at the courthouse in your area. Go to CA Courthouse Locations to find a courthouse near you.

A local domestic violence organization may also be able to provide you with the necessary forms. To find a shelter or an advocate at a local program, please visit the CA Advocates and Shelters page.

Many people find it easier to fill out court forms by going through each form one section at a time. If you have questions about one of the sections on a form, leave that section blank until you can get your questions answered. You may ask a private attorney, the Family Law Facilitator in some counties, or a legal aid center for help in understanding and filling out your court forms.

To find help in filing for a restraining order, go to the CA Advocates and Shelters.