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Legal Information: Alabama


Laws current as of September 1, 2023

Can I get temporary alimony while the divorce is pending?

The judge can award temporary alimony (spousal support) during the divorce proceedings. The judge may consider the following factors:

  1. the financial situation of you and your spouse;
  2. the standard of living that was established during the marriage;1
  3. the earning ability of each spouse;
  4. the probable future prospects, such as possibilities for success, advancement, etc.;
  5. the age, sex, and social position (station in life) of each spouse;
  6. length of the marriage; and
  7. conduct of the parties as it relates to the cause for the divorce.2

This temporary alimony could be ordered throughout the time that it takes to finalize the divorce.1

1 Ala. Code § 30-2-50
2 See Chancellor v. Chancellor, 288 So. 2d 794 (1974)